Hydrating Moisture Mist

Stimulate skin immunity with #Sanitas Moisture Mist This is an excellent spray on mist that is perfect for dry airplane travel. My favorite go to and work horse. This product is effective at softening and soothing the skin providing additional moisture and spreadability of other  powerful humectants. You may use Moisture Mist throughout the day and it works well for setting your makeup or mineral based powders and SPF. #skindeep, #moisturizer. 200ml for $18

Skindeepgj.com 970-250-9249MT_MoistureMist

Absorb Excess Skin Oils

#Sanitas Skin Care offers drying lotion which contains: sulfur-speeds healing & is antibacterial; Zinc-Speeds healing, antibacterial & oil absorbing; Calcium-improves cell turnover, skin healing; Vitamin B5-Prevents formation of excess oils.  This amazing product is great for combination, oily skin types and absorbs excess oil without affecting underlying hydration while providing skin healing nutrients. Apply a thin layer to oily skin areas 1-2 times per day after cleansing or spot treat blemishes. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, due to waxing, this is an excellent post wax product to discourage ingrown hairs. Contact #skindeepgj.com or call 970-250-9249  35ml for $27TX_DryingLotion

Bye Bye Aging and Hello Elasticity

Stimulate #collagen production and enhance cell growth while reducing the appearance of hyperpigmented skin with Rejuven-A by #Sanitas.

This anti-aging formula has retinol, CoQ10, collagen stimulating peptides,  and vitamins C & E, Truly a powerhouse formula. Apply daily under moisturizer and after cleansing. Great for acne, sensitive skin and advanced aging. 30ml $59 contact #skindeepgj.com today 970-250-9249

Anti -aging skin care

Zap Zits & Speed Healing of Blemishes

Acne Zapper

Try #Sanitas skin care – Zapper! This product works instantly to kill acne bacteria, speed healing of blemishes and prevent further breakouts. Key ingredients are Glycolic acid & Salicylic Acid both stimulate and exfoliate while dissolving oil and providing antibacterial benefits to the skin. Easy roll on ball applicator use 1-2 times per day. Remember a little bit goes a long way with this potent skin repair. 10ml $19 #skindeepgj.com 970-250-9249 #acne


Renew, Refine, Exfoliate Your Skin

dry skin 2The holidays are gone, spring break is around the corner and wedding season is just a few months away.  This is the time for exfoliation. If you would like to reduce the signs of aging, acne or sun damage, now is the time to do something. Hurry, before you are in the summer sun.

Light peels gently accelerate the skin cell regenerations replacing old cells with new younger looking cells. Renew, Refine, Exfoliate by microdermabrasion or any of the wonderful choices of peels available at #skindeepgj.com.

Visibly improve the quality, texture and tone of your skin today. Call 970-250-9249 or schedule online. #facials, #peels, #sanitas