Effective Anti-Aging Treatments with Chemical Peels- What do You Need To Know?

Chemical peels are an art form and should be performed only by a certified skin care professional trained in the use of peels. Not everyone has this certification and it is important to ask for credentials.  Chemical peels are a very effective way to slow down the aging process and correct uneven pigment.

Post-care and skin recovery are important to understand. Your skin care professional should provide you a list and treatment protocol for taking care of your skin pre/post procedure. Proper healing is essential.

Know what type of peel is being performed on you and why. Ask for before and after pictures and understand what peeling means. Do not have this procedure performed any closer to a special event than 1 month out. 

What are the steps of healing post peel?

Stage 1: Your skin will be inflamed and irritated similar to a sunburn. This inflammation is the first step in wound healing. You may have swelling, redness, heat and discomfort. These stages are signalling the brain that the skin in wounded. When the skin is wounded the platelets are released which attract cells to the injured are to help rebuild the wounded area.

Stage 2: Within 2-3 days your skin will turn dark and feel tight and dry. Within the skin new cells are forming and blood flow is increasing to supply oxygen to the skin. The fibroblast cells are knitting together to create collagen and heal the wound.

Stage 3: 5-7 days out the inflammation subsides and you start to see a textural difference in your skin that is light and pink. Collagen is bundling together to complete the healing process. Depending on the type of peel and the depth of the peel this process may last anywhere from a week to 30+ more days. Extreme care should be taken to avoid all sun exposure during this time and a SPF with zinc and titanium dioxide should be used. You will find that your skin may feel tight and dry so the use of a good moisturizer is essential.

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