Bathing in Herbs Make Your Own Relaxing Bath

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Your largest body organ is your skin and it assists the body with absorption and elimination. Bathing is a lovely way to relax and enjoy the mixture and health benefits of many herbs. I suggest using a small laundry bag like you use to wash your lingerie or tie up a small amount of muslin cloth. Using a bag will help clean the bath tub and prevent clogging your drain. Mix your herbs and place in the bag and hold under the nozzle while you run your bath, this will allow for a better infusion. After filling the bath, place your herb bag in the bath with you. This recipe is for a stimulating bath:

3 parts peppermint; 2 parts calendula; 1 part bay leaf or eucalyptus; 1 part rosemary and 1 part sage.

Soak and enjoy a cup of peppermint tea., #bath, #skincaregj




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