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Bathing in Herbs Make Your Own Relaxing Bath

Your largest body organ is your skin and it assists the body with absorption and elimination. Bathing is a lovely way to relax and enjoy the mixture and health benefits of many herbs. I suggest using a small laundry bag like you use to wash your lingerie or tie up a small amount of muslin cloth. Using a bag will help clean the bath tub and prevent clogging your drain. Mix your herbs and place in the bag and hold under the nozzle while you run your bath, this will allow for a better infusion. After filling the bath, place your herb bag in the bath with you. This recipe is for a stimulating bath:

3 parts peppermint; 2 parts calendula; 1 part bay leaf or eucalyptus; 1 part rosemary and 1 part sage.

Soak and enjoy a cup of peppermint tea., #bath, #skincaregj


Soothe and Restore Radiant, Luscious Skin

Lemongrass & Rosemary are the key ingredients in the #LeafPeople body lotion now available at This is an excellent body moisturizer for men & women.   Leaf People botanically rich, non-pore clogging pumpkin seed oil formula will create a scent-sation that will leave your skin feeling amazing! Use this irresistible body soothing formula to hydrate and soften your skin. Restore your radiance and fight the dehydration. Contact Skin Deep today and or order online at #bodylotion, #organicskincare.

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Try this easy recipe for a remarkable Salt Glow Body Treatment

Does your skin feel like the desert? Are you suffering with cracked irritated skin? This is an excellent recipe for a homemade body treatment. 2 cups fine sea salt; 4 cups almond oil; 25 drops of your favorite essential oil ( I love rose & lavender oils for dry skin)

Place the salt in a wide mouthed jar and cover with the almond oil; then add your essential oil. Store in a cool dry place.

To Use: dampen your entire body in the shower and then turn off the water. Use your hands or a loofah mitt and vigorously but gently massage all over your skin. Begin at your feet and work your way up, avoiding your face and eye area. Don’t apply to any scratched or wounded area. Finish with a warm shower and a nice dry-towel rub.

OOH feels so good!

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What is the difference between mineral based sunscreens and chemical based?

Mineral based sunscreens scatter ultraviolet rays away from the skin, they are physical solar filters.  While chemical based sunscreens absorb various wavelengths of UV radiation. My preference is to use titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Some will say that the mineral based SPF will cause cancer. To date, there is no clinical evidence stating that these solar filters pose any health threat to human skin.  We do know that exposure to the sun causes skin cancer. Please choose a SPF with greater than a 15 spf. Skin Deep uses and recommends #IS clinical Eclipse SPF 50+ tinted or beige and #Sanitas Solar

When Did You Last Clean Your Bath Sponge

It is very important that you dispose of your bath net scrubbies and or bath sponges monthly. Bacteria grows daily on these items and because of their porosity, it is impossible to sanitize them properly. Your not only getting body debri but these also attract bacteria from bathroom toilet flush. If you are suffering with body acne; psoriasis; or eczema this is especially important. Even in the skin care studio, I do not use sponges for this reason. Purchase a new one and throw the old one in the garage to wash cars and clean with.  I love to use these items with body scrubs and body washes. It is a luxurious feeling and stimulates body circulation.#bathproducts, #bathsponges,#skindeepgj.combath sponge

Dry Oil Body Moisturizer

Dry oil body moisturizer
This wonderful body spray has been a Skin Deep favorite for many years.
You use this wonderful spray right out of the shower or bath when your skin is still lightly damp. Massage in till dry. That is the magic of this wonderful moisturizer, it is an oil that drys and doesn’t damage your clothing.

It has squalane (olive) oil, lavender & chamomile essential oils in a base of macadamia nut oil. You will enjoy the aromatic scent and luxurious feeling on your skin.

Order today $41.50 at or call 970-250-9249

What do you know about organic skin care products?

organic skin careHow do you find the top organic skin care products? You probably need some help. First, you need to know that an organic natural skin care product that is made in the US might contain non-organic ingredients, because the label is not regulated, and those manufactured anywhere in the world could contain unwanted contaminants, because manufactures are not required to test for contaminants.

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Manual at home microdermabrasion verses clinical microdermabrasion

Technological Differences Of Home Microdermabrasion VS Clinical

A professional microdermabrasion treatment utilizes advanced microderm machines that, in effect, “polish” the skin. By emitting a pressurized stream of abrasive crystal particles onto treated areas, these machines remove dead skin cells, improve the look of acne, fine lines, and skin imperfections, and smooth out the texture and tone of treated skin. Professional microdermabrasion can use aluminum oxide crystals (the most common type), sodium chloride or magnesium crystals, or crystal-free, diamond-tipped applicators during treatment. Aluminum oxide microdermabrasion is the most popular choice because it’s effective but not too expensive, and because its bacteria-killing properties have even been shown to prevent acne from forming. Patients should always consult with a certified clinical esthetician prior to microdermabrasion treatments to learn which form of microderm the clinic uses, and the procedural risks and benefits that are involved.

At-home microdermabrasion kits, although designed to treat the same skin problems as professional microderm, and very safe to use, their inferior technology can’t produce the same level of results. Even with at-home systems that use crystal or diamond particles, the particles are often mixed with a face cream that’s applied by hand, or they’re rubbed on with a scrubbing applicator. These systems will improve the look and feel of skin slightly, but they aren’t powerful enough to benefit skin more than your standard exfoliation scrub can.

So, when choosing between professional and at-home microdermabrasion, you may want to ask yourself another question: Do I want to sacrifice quality for convenience? Because, when it comes to quality skin care results, especially for older patients with advanced wrinkles and skin damage, at-home methods just aren’t going to “scrub” it!