Finding The Right Facial Mask For Your Skin Type

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Lately there is a lot of interest in facial masks. How do you find the right facial mask for your skin type and decide which one to choose? There are so many choices and the key ingredients and delivery system to your skin is of the utmost importance.

Some facial masks are setting masks which means they dry hard; some are gel mask which mean they do not set up and stay moist on the skin; while others lift off. Some mask’s may even be left on the skin and massaged into the skin.

Sheet Facial Mask
Sheet Mask

Between the cold weather and indoor heating, chances are your skin feels tight and dry. For a quick infusion of moisture put on a mask with an infusion of collagen, hyaluronic acid and peptides. Your skin will need humectants during the winter months and hyaluronic acid attracts up to a thousand times it weight in water. Many sheet masks are infused with these ingredients. To learn more contact a professional and schedule time to relax. #dehydration, #moisture, #antiaging.



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