What is Lurking in Your Makeup Brushes

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Germs, Germs and more Germs! EEEwwwhhhdirty makeup brushes

Are you keeping your makeup brushes on the counter in your bathroom? When is the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?
Did you know that every time you flush your toilet,  micro germs from the flush, float through the room and will land on any surface. That same brush you are swirling into your expensive blush or foundation is now cross contaminating your expensive investment of makeup with bacteria. Now your makeup is contaminated and you wonder why you can’t get control of your acne. Clean those tools every week, I prefer two times per week. How? I prefer #Colorscience brush cleaner. Shake well and spray cleanser onto a cloth or directly onto the brush. Gently work through the brush hair and let dry. Voila…clean bacteria free brushes that you don’t have to wet and ruin the bristles. To clean your makeup sponges, pop into a lingerie bag and throw in the washer. Eye and lip pencils are easy enough just clean your sharpener and sharpen. Prevent eye infections and irritating acne. Keep your investment clean and don’t share your makeup.#skindeepgj.com,#makeup,


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