Essential Oils

Try this easy recipe for a remarkable Salt Glow Body Treatment

Does your skin feel like the desert? Are you suffering with cracked irritated skin? This is an excellent recipe for a homemade body treatment. 2 cups fine sea salt; 4 cups almond oil; 25 drops of your favorite essential oil ( I love rose & lavender oils for dry skin)

Place the salt in a wide mouthed jar and cover with the almond oil; then add your essential oil. Store in a cool dry place.

To Use: dampen your entire body in the shower and then turn off the water. Use your hands or a loofah mitt and vigorously but gently massage all over your skin. Begin at your feet and work your way up, avoiding your face and eye area. Don’t apply to any scratched or wounded area. Finish with a warm shower and a nice dry-towel rub.

OOH feels so good!

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Leaf People Organic Skin Care

Skin Deep is excited to welcome Master herbalist, Julie Levine.  Julie handcrafts and custom blends her line of #Leaf People products. This is a completely #organic line free of #GMO and #gluten based products beautifully scented by nature.  Julie’s lab is located here in Grand Junction. She uses the latest botanical research providing purely radiant results. It is a pleasure to add this amazing line of scientifically based customized skin care choices to #Skin Deep. Leaf People offers a complete line of skin care for all skin types including #rosacea and hyper sensitive skins.

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil used to Relax

Ylang Ylang is a wonderful essential oil that I use daily at Skin Deep. It works well when you are feeling nervous or emotionally stressed. Using Ylang Ylang in massage will help recover your equilibrium and will aid in the regulation of your heart rhythm. It will help relax and awaken the body. You may blend it nicely with lavender oil to calm the mind and body.

Dry Oil Body Moisturizer

Dry oil body moisturizer
This wonderful body spray has been a Skin Deep favorite for many years.
You use this wonderful spray right out of the shower or bath when your skin is still lightly damp. Massage in till dry. That is the magic of this wonderful moisturizer, it is an oil that drys and doesn’t damage your clothing.

It has squalane (olive) oil, lavender & chamomile essential oils in a base of macadamia nut oil. You will enjoy the aromatic scent and luxurious feeling on your skin.

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De-Stress Aching Muscles with Wintergreen Essential Oil

A cool and minty fragrance with a lovely warming effect, wintergreen essential oil will help to relieve muscle aches and pain. This is a perfect solution this time of the year, while heading back to your workout schedule. It is a lovely combination to use at home for self massage by combining it with juniper and birch oils. Be sure to use a bland carrier oil when using an active essential oil. Skin Deep uses rice bran oil and about 12-20 drops of the active wintergreen essential oil per 1/2 cup of carrier oil.