What do you know about organic skin care products?

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organic skin careHow do you find the top organic skin care products? You probably need some help. First, you need to know that an organic natural skin care product that is made in the US might contain non-organic ingredients, because the label is not regulated, and those manufactured anywhere in the world could contain unwanted contaminants, because manufactures are not required to test for contaminants.
For example, a consumer advocacy group recently tested a variety of organic natural skin care cleansers. They found that most of them contained Dioxane. Chemically, it is organic, but it certainly is not safe. It is either a possible, probable or known human carcinogen, depending on which list of cancer-causing substances you are looking at.
At one time, applying cancer-causing substances topically was not considered particularly dangerous. It was thought that they did not penetrate the epidermis and could do little or no damage. Now, we know that this is not true. Research has shown that these substances pass through the skin’s layers, enter the tissues, the blood stream and lodge in the organs.The primary components of most cosmetics are petrochemicals, byproducts created when crude oil is converted to gasoline. Why would you want to put that on your face or body?

One of the best organic natural skin care ingredients is grape seed oil. It can be used for everything from a shaving lubricant to a moisturizer. It is rich in natural vitamin E and essential fatty acids that are similar to the skin’s own sebum. It has a unique filming ability which helps keep dirt and makeup out of the pores, while locking in moisture.Only the top natural skin care products contain grape seed oil. It isn’t that expensive. It’s just that it is not as cheap as mineral oil, one of the petrochemicals that cosmetic companies rely on.

Some products may contain 1 organic ingredient and often contain chemical preservatives and other petrochemicals. In some cases these products even contain ingredients that research has shown can be quite harmful, even carcinogenic-such as propylene glycol; polyethylene glycol (PEG); mono/di or tri-ethanolamine (MEA, DEA or TEA), synthetic colors and fragrance. Currently, the cosmetics and skin care products industry is not regulated in the use of the term “organic” or “natural” on product labeling. Some ingredients are even prohibited from use in other industries and are not regulated in the skin care industry. It is up to the consumer to educate themselves.
When you shop for organic natural skin care solutions, be sure to learn a little bit about the manufacturer’s philosophy. That’s how you’ll find the top natural skin care products.




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